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The Society has a commitment to advancing ophthalmic research in New Zealand.



Funding for grants has been achieved through donations from New Zealand Ophthalmologists, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists,from suppliers of ophthalmic equipment and members of the public. The fund is still small, and contributions to help grow this fund to achieve a minimum target of one million dollars are urgently required.

There are many areas of research into the causes, epidemiology, and treatment of eye disease which we are unable to address in New Zealand through lack of research funding. The quality of proposed research undergoes rigorous assessment. The standards are high and the work is diverse, touching on many aspects of eye care.

The Society wants to ensure that the benefits of these investigations can have significant impact upon eye health in our community in the years to come by being able to improve the level of funding for ophthalmic research.


Become a Corporate Sponsor

You can become a Corporate Sponsor by contributing $1000 per annum. This entitles you to refer to your support of Save Sight Society on promotional material as a sponsor, as well as have your website linked from our site.


Become an Associate Member of the Save Sight Society

You can assist the Society's work by becoming an Associate Member of the Save Sight Society. The annual fee is $50, which is tax deductible. Membership entitles you to receive an annual report of the activities of the Save Sight Society, to take part in discussions at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, and to make contributions to issues relating to blindness prevention via the website and local Society representatives.


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